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MAC Cosmetics - Operations Support Manager

Operations Support Manager, Debenhams Belfast in Belfast
Debenhams Belfast in Belfast, Full Time (5 days, 30 hours)

The Operations Support Manager is responsible for ensuring the smooth running of all the basic stock and staffing operational elements of their location, as guided by the Retail Manager and/or Business Manager. They will constantly re-assess and implement ways of providing the business with processes that contributes to effectiveness and efficiencies through offering exceptional service to all levels of the organisation. They will generate effectiveness through thinking strategically, working in collaboration with the Management team and retail partners and strive for excellence in execution. Your other duties include but are not limited to the maintaining of all team development and management records, business records and protecting company assets. As an Operational Support Manager you will be dedicated in aligning yourself to the MAC values and principles. The ideal candidate will have previous management experience.

Please help us manage your application by only applying for one vacancy at any one time. This is Maternity cover and will commence from the 24th of October for a duration of nine months.