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Estee Lauder - Counter Manager

Counter Manager, Debenhams Newry in Newry
Debenhams Newry in Newry, Full Time (5 days, 37.5 hours)

As a Counter Manager you are in the driving seat of the counter business.

Responsible for ensuring your team is motivated and focused, whilst yourself offering consistently great service to your customers.

You will work closely with your Sales and Education Executive and Department Manager to identify opportunities, analyse your business in terms of retail results and stock on a daily, weekly and monthly basis to ensure all programmes, events are well planned and executed.

Analytical and organisational skills are a must in order to effectively take charge of the administrative counter tasks.

A passion for service excellence and exceptional communication skills are essential.

This is a Counter Manager Mat leave position available to start from 24th May 2016 for at least 6 months.  Retail management experience required